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Yearly salary of market research division 100 thou
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You may go on the street to the member that be investigated blocks the experience that makes questionnaire, as investigation orgnaization grow in quantity, one is not being walked into sadly by the person's hep profession before people lives. Yesterday, beijing area first investigation analyst was born, the qualification of the analyst of medium, high-level investigation that shares 83 people to obtain attestation of national statistic bureau respectively. According to national statistic bureau concerned controller discloses, all bureau is drafting the country a file, the regulation will investigate an orgnaization to must establish a few official investigation analysts henceforth, come with this normative industry. The reporter understands from statistical branch, investigation analyst is in in the near future inside breach is as high as 1 million person, what hold a post in big company is outstanding yearly salary of the member that investigate can achieve 100 thousand yuan of above.

Investigation analyst is popular duty field

The reporter asked a few investigation the company randomly, the personnel that undertakes market research and analysis socially at present is more turn to go and come from other industry, quality the good and bad are intermingled. From the point of circumstance of website of invite applications for a job, a large number of market research member post appears vacant. This year in April, investigating an analysis is to serve as new occupation to be announced formally to the society. What investigate trade in the light of tone is non-standard, all bureau and center of Beijing industry information begin the country to foster the investigate member of Beijing area formally this year in June.

Statistical data shows, 500 strong companies of world are at present medium, 90 % built information to investigate analytic branch. Among them the profit source that Microsoft makes an appointment with 17 % , Coke Cola to make an appointment with 5 % , Motolora to make an appointment with 11 % can be attributed to market research analysis. Association of Chinese commerce technician piece chairman thinks, foreign market research and analysis have special professional division of labor, investigation plan, investigation is carried out, data analysis is refined, relevant from personnel of course of study year income can break through 100 thousand yuan. Statistical branch tells a reporter about chief, investigation analyst is in in the near future inside breach is as high as 1 million person.

"Meeting bug " interference investigates trade

According to the number that association of world professional student provides, chinese inland already had company of many 3000 market research at present, amount and amplitude all occupy world first place. Investigation orgnaization is much, but the phenomenon that at present market research course of study is faced with an operation to lack a standard however. Investigate association to tell a reporter about the personage according to market information, in market research " meeting bug " flush, data " mix into water " the current situation already made market research confronts credit crisis.
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