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Talent of 5 kinds of multimedia of Shanghai is in
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Shanghai has multimedia company at present nearly 10 thousand, the contention of of all kinds company to relevant talent also like a raging fire. Last month, company of 2 animation of Malaysia and Chinese Hong Kong entrusts Shanghai multimedia guild to search hunt outstanding talent, meanwhile, this year September, the enterprise also will be in related another country talent of domestic look for. This month 27 days (on April 27, 2008) , invite applications for a job meets multimedia talent to also will be held in Shanghai, this is to let the talent competition of each enterprise turn white-hot more. The reporter interviewed Ming Haoxia of secretary-general of Shanghai multimedia guild a few days ago, lead wide readership to understand the market demand prices of multimedia talent.

The current situation: High-end talent lays in inadequacy

In recent years, as a result of network technology arisen, enterprise of of all kinds multimedia in succession emerge in large numbers, and enterprise of many international foreign capital also is garrisoned in succession, multimedia talent also will be begged hard accordingly.

As we have learned, shanghai multimedia cereal was started in August 2002, covered animation, game, movie and TV to make wait for an industry, through the development of a few years of time, already took shape now, the production value of Shanghai multimedia industry had been achieved 2007 56.2 billion, from population of course of study 170 thousand. Increase of the enterprise ceaselessly as multimedia, the demand of multimedia talent also mushroom, predict in the near future, will achieve from trade number tens of 10 thousand. Bright secretary-general predicts, did not come 10 years, the multimedia talent breach of Shanghai will amount to 80 thousand person, among them high-end talent demand at least 15 thousand person.

Nowadays, as rapid development of the industry, expand of enterprise dimensions ceaselessly, especially multimedia applies what order includes outside mixing to grow substantially, breach problem of the talent is highlighted increasingly. Ming Haoxia tells a reporter, because development time is shorter, multimedia talent has the high-end talent of experience to lay in inadequacy especially. Although at present Shanghai had nearly 30 colleges to offer the relevant major of digital media, annual Shanghai this locality has finish school of 3000 much students, but the graduate that college education gives and amlposition of real talent demand. Many enterprises are mirrorred, just walked out of the student of the school gate, no matter be experience or skill, be apart from business demand to have quite big difference, want begin to work, at least needs to groom 3-6 month.

Demand: 5 kinds of big position are most in short supply

The reporter understands, multimedia industry and visual art close tie, its domain involves movie and TV to make, animation caricature, advertisement is made, multimedia is made, the many respects such as design of game development, building, industry design.
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