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The person that abroad name school graduates reall
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Is the person income that is graduated from famous brand university really high? Economics of American Princeton university taught Alan Kreuger and Stacy Dale near future of Meilongjijinhui to undertake investigating with respect to this one problem. They investigate different university student of enter a school was in 1976 the income 1995.

The result shows, yale the graduate of university of this kind of famous brand year all income is 92 thousand dollar; Ni Yazhou of guest evening standard establishs university of university, Dan Nixun university, graph human relations the graduate of this kind of average college, year all income is 22 thousand dollar. Income gap is in 3 times above, cannot call not quite. Superior university means the success is of course it seems that. After all, a lot of elite of abroad university of out famous brand, the great majority of Chinese academician also university of out famous brand.

Experts also point out at the same time, the capability of the student itself of university of a lot of famous brand is very strong. Especially a lot of school enroll only outstanding people, the quality as a result of admitted student itself is very high, the elite nature that so the school can foster is much also.   

Renown school has long historical culture tradition, finer installation and name division, and study atmosphere, it is very helpful to the person's grow into useful timber. But these conditions are external cause merely, the internal cause gift that should pass oneself is effective. Went up the person of renown school whether still depend on successfully oneself internal cause: Congenital ability and effort degree. But must admit, renown school is rigorous with high grade education quality, the success that force of abundant persons qualified to teach did not come to to the student is having crucial effect.

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