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Talk about the yearly salary of Australian white-c
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Wage income is a Chinese all along in the talk abstain from greatly, do not allude casually commonly. Pass salary the life position that announces us to also can see all living things, can undertake transverse and fore-and-aft each are compared, know the salary position of Australian person, more the choice that is helpful for the student studying abroad that home thinks to go to Australia, the selects meeting decision to will come destiny of course of study of its technical secondary school, industry, money carries, it is very significant. (because the RMB mixes,changing between bay money is 1: 6.5, all be bay money amount below, when everybody is calculated, multiply again with 6.5 humanness civilian money. )

White-collar gens:

Teacher: Zhou Xin 1062 - 1149 yuan. Start of fulfil of yearly salary firewood is annual 32 thousand bay yuan, tall can achieve 55 thousand bay yuan. Although be in,20 years compensation rose in the past very fast, the teacher still does not calculate on highest income estate. Among them pedagogic pay increases 205% , the technology of Australia middle school, science and mathematical teacher are in short supply badly, division of foreign language teach by word of mouth also appears insufficient.

Secretary: The pay that enter office is year 30 thousand bay yuan, top personal assistant and administrative assistant have about year 80 thousand bay yuan firewood proposes a toast.

Tourism from course of study member: Firewood fulfil is decided according to experience. The place having salary that enters office nevertheless is year of 2.6-3.3 about 10 thousand bay yuan. Promotion of the meeting after several years comes about year 40 thousand bay yuan. Can earn as to high pay employee about year 65 thousand bay yuan.

Accountant: Into the firewood since duty the dot is about year 30 thousand bay yuan. The public figure that has experience and capacity can earn the firewood of 6 digit word to propose a toast. Duty Wu accountant can earn 4.5-6.5 10 thousand bay yuan. The firewood fulfil 4.4-5.5 of a duty Wu adviser that has 3 years of over experience 10 thousand bay yuan. 6 arrive 7 years of experience can earn 6.7-7.2 10 thousand bay yuan. The foreground that so the firewood of accountant proposes a toast is very considerable.

Programmer: Entering the firewood since duty to nod is year 45 thousand bay yuan

The program recruits a manager: Firewood proposes a toast 150 thousand bay yuan.

Network administrator: Firewood fulfil is 45 thousand bay yuan

Network manager: Firewood fulfil is 110 thousand bay yuan.

The 23-25 that pursues this trade compares other industry to be the same as the age along with firewood fulfil of the personage paragraph good much. Without can denying information industry is current most the trade that expands flourishingly. Estimation of committee of Australia information industry has 20 thousand position vacant, because talent prediction of a person's luck in a given year is abroad,this is be caused by. The computer already entered all trades and professions, even program, project, measure reach industrial design to be out of job use computer. Computer from course of study member firewood proposes a toast Yi Shui goes up height.
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