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Intelligence of can senior talented person communicated ferry be in harmony 2008
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Intelligence of meeting — senior talented person communicated ferry be in harmony 2008 negotiate can relevant enterprise


Institute of Pearl River of university of Tianjin finance and economics
Motolora (China) electronic limited company
Institute of technology of profession of the heart in Tianjin
Core international integrated circuit is made in (Tianjin) limited company
Health bureau of Tianjin city Dong Li district
Limited company of technology development of Kai of Tianjin city emperor
Tianjin leave behind becomes a group
Tianjin international project consults a company
Day steam group is beautiful inferior the car creates limited company
Ai Di this science and technology of your kind effort (Tianjin) limited company
Tianjin tractor creates limited company
Tianjin Inc. of car of one steam Xiali
Su Silan the sources of energy (Tianjin) limited company
The international that compare a gram (Tianjin) limited company

Day of heavy river of Tianjin city weather is versed in again limited company
Limited company of group of Tianjin day lion
Huaboluo (Tianjin) industrial limited company

Industry of Tianjin city Electromechanical controls a group company
Tianjin alkaline factory
Damask silk sends fashionable dress (Tianjin) limited company
Research center of Chinese car technology
Designing institute of Tianjin electric power
Tianjin profession university
Tianjin society academy of sciences
Tian Shili is contemporary Chinese traditional medicine resources limited company
Hertz is compared (Tianjin) electronic limited company
Limited company of Tianjin SamSung electron