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Graduate student obtain employment " encounter cold " the college appears " grin
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Xiaotian is Heilongjiang visits school of some normal school 07 Masters graduate student. Before graduating one year, she begins to prepare to apply for a job, but till this year, she still is apply for a job and pained. The reporter saves a few colleges to understand from Heilongjiang, like Xiaotian such circumstance is not a case, a lot of colleges appeared now “ grinds wait for ” gens.

Office of Heilongjiang province education announces rate of college obtain employment showed 2007, visit graduate student of average college graduate completely in all 11410 people, the first time obtain employment rate is led for 88.38%(flexible obtain employment 1.43% , contract obtain employment leads 1.20%) , obtain employment rate is compared drop somewhat before. Still appeared in the province such as Guangzhou, Jilin, Sichuan graduate student the first time obtain employment leads the case under the undergraduate students. Meanwhile, in ” of baton of obtain employment “ how-to the graduate student below enters oneself for an examination the case also appeared in recent years an inflection point. Countrywide Master graduate student entered oneself for an examination 2008 the number is 1.2 million, reduced 82 thousand person than last year, one's deceased father grind the number appeared first countrywide limits glides substantially.

This year Harbin city just rose this before long institute, the reporter understands, secretary of education of this college invite applications for a job, the requirement is provincial record of formal schooling of graduate student of key university Master, the first record of formal schooling is undergraduate course and this large major is consistent, open the treatment that give not tall, but attracted nearly 100 graduate students to sign up however, still come from the student of college of domestic famous brand not less among them. Harbin project university does not wish to divulge the teacher of the full name says to the reporter: Before “ studies situation of unripe obtain employment is inferior to greatly now, before two years the Master still can be become teacher lecturer, average now college was not a doctor not to want. ”

The graduate student that is contended for to grab by unit of choose and employ persons previously, why to suffer such cold shoulder now?

   Enlarge action is not obtain employment is difficult advocate because of

Present graduate student class resembles “ on century the undergraduate students class of 80 time. University of ” northeast forestry is surnamed old the graduate student tells a reporter, “ great period is special on me admiring graduate student, because of a major with respect to a few people, the bottom class in a kindergarten attends class, some is man-to-man even give lessons, the sort of feeling is very good, and the job after graduation is very good search, but we are professional now 20 much people, only of a direction with respect to 10 much people, apply for a job competitive pressure is very great. ” should point out, since the graduate student enlarge that begins from 1999 is enrolled, the evolution that our country graduate student teachs experienced a fastigium, graduate student dimensions with annual the speed of 26.9% increases by degrees. The whole nation shared Master graduate 2004 115 thousand person; The Master is graduate 2005 195 thousand more than person, amplitude is amounted to 76.47% , to 2007 number of graduation of countrywide college graduate student reachs 330 thousand person, with on year achieve than amplitude 22.22% . In successive years of amount of graduation of Master graduate student is achieved piece new tall, but meanwhile the society did not grow apparently however to graduate student demand. Situation of graduate student obtain employment by it is difficult to turn easily. But enlarge action is not the main reason with bring about graduate student obtain employment difficult.
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