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Firewood fulfil reverses times difficult move bilingual assistant
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The assistant income that can speak a fluent foreign language is higher than common assistant double —— yesterday, a supermarket drives a such price in market of emancipatory tablet talent. Although propose a toast firewood breaks up time, invite applications for a job still just says, the our city is difficult find such bilingual assistant.

There was a supermarket to deploy bilingual assistant inside city, if domestic Le Fu sells a paste to wear card of a marked announce: The customer that can serve to need English provides language help. But sell what be engaged in bilingual service at ordinary times is only two people, see its figure hard recently, the reason is these two bilingual assistants are in even advocate inside the city string together inside other store.

As we have learned, the supermarket is average the assistant's monthly pay 700 yuan - 1000 yuan, and the monthly pay that supermarket of a few large foreign capital pays bilingual assistant is controlled in 1500 yuan at present. City interlinks analysis of management association personage, retail trade works as concentrated model the industry gives high pay impossibly, other service processes the bilingual personnel of the industry, monthly pay is 2500 yuan of above commonly.

The supermarket faces face difficult choice, on one hand, retail trade competition is intense nowadays, profit space is less and less, offer 2000 January firewood to already was belonged to for bilingual assistant not easy; On the other hand, the foreign nationality public figure that the supermarket welcomes increases increasingly, have having good bilingual service is ” of hardware of one big “ .

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