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Demand of foreign trade talent warms up, net of 3 large trades gets together sho
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From 4 years up to now, before amount of Chinese commerce imports and exports already resided the world firmly 3 years continuously 3. The data that the near future of hall of collaboration of economy of Zhejiang foreign trade publishs makes clear, amount of imports and exports of Zhejiang foreign trade reached seventeen billion seven hundred and thirty-eight million five hundred and twenty thousand dollar 2007, than last year the corresponding period grew 31.55 % . The value that Zhejiang foreign trade saves greatly is even more outstanding. To it corresponding, the demand to the talent also is in foreign trade industry to be climbed considerably litre.

Save the number of talent communication center to show according to Zhejiang, last year the demand of foreign trade talent relatively grew 25 % 6 years. Come from number of statistic of net of Job36 industry invite applications for a job to also make clear, commerce imports and exports kind position of invite applications for a job is increasing, year growth range is in 30 % above.

According to the statistic of net of talent of foreign trade of Job36 industry invite applications for a job, China, manager of the member that at present industry of commerce imports and exports compares popular position to still be the freight representative, member that declare at customs, only evidence, foreign trade, high professional work follows odd, business to wait for position with sheet. And to the enterprise, as trade matter inpour export industry is entered new round development fastigium, should finding right talented person is not a simple thing. Especially those master modern trade and content to banish the academic, talented person that has solid the gift of tongues to have regular operation experience again at the same time, in commerce imports and exports duty field is very popular. Because international trade conflict is ceaseless in last few years, the solid Wu talent that can settle international trade has made the in short supply handsome appearance of Zhejiang area. And the industry such as the fast consumable that the post of invite applications for a job of trade trade surmounts a tradition already, manufacturing industry. The ” of “ sweet pastry that foreign trade talent is becoming an enterprise to go after. And the different quarter data of net of invite applications for a job of basis Job36 industry and service center of introduction of Hangzhou city profession shows, the duty digit of trade trade is in of quarter of traditional invite applications for a job 2, 3 quarters are climbed considerably litre, apparent prep above 1, 4 quarters. Commerce kind the proportion that post holds position demand sum total also is rising steadily. Nowadays is the fastigium of invite applications for a job of to apply for a job of foreign trade talent.