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Zhejiang mechanic barren sends partial enterprise to be close to shutdown
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The skilled worker that “ wants to look for a few adroitness is too hard! ” this year beginning of spring, civilian battalion economy saves Zhejiang to be faced with ” of “ mechanic barren again greatly, large quantities of proprietor of an enterprises are depressed to enrol insufficient skilled worker, because enrol the phenomenon that is less than a worker to be close to shutdown,a few industries appear even.

In the Wen Zhou austral short for Zhejiang Province, the breach of skilled worker of invite applications for a job that enterprise of the manufacturing industry on market of work skill talent registers is close 70% ; In Dong Xiaoshan of short for Zhejiang Province, the base salary that particularly in short supply sew is versed in raised 1500 yuan or so from 1200 yuan, “ price ” became tall two into, but a lot of enterprise or action dissatisfaction person.

The reporter saves know of obtain employment management board from Zhejiang, eye the next is advanced the ” of scale of “ supply and demand of technician is the biggest amount to 1: 2.84, this is meant nearly 3 post are waiting for a person to go “ carries ” .

To alleviate an extremely urgency of the enterprise, zhejiang saves the beginning of the year of various labor department to begin to output the labor department of big province with respect to the labour force such as contact Sichuan, Henan, Anhui, be dug jointly and carry labour force.

Zhejiang saves Cao Jianguo of deputy director general of obtain employment management board to say, as a result of economic transition, a few traditional industries, if be spun gently, the low end such as shoemaking the industry decreases stage by stage, high-end company raises, unit of choose and employ persons asks to rise to using labour quality, be opposite especially the labor demand that in having, advanced technology title asks increases apparently, and large quantities of rural labor move arrive in process of to apply for a job of urban obtain employment, get apparently the limitation of skill. Labour force is supplied it is certain to have with the demand that use worker worker be out of line, the occurrence with structural contradictory sex brought issue of ” of “ mechanic barren accordingly. The expert inside course of study thinks, because advanced profession education once was ignored, the reason such as action of enlarge of college of ordinary undergraduate course, our country appeared of talent demand be short of break with superfluous, the structural sex that causes talent education is maladjusted, and this also is nearly two old triangle, bead the prime cause of ” of barren of mechanic of occurrence “ of area of trigonometry and other places.

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