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Not by the age " fall into disuse " , often jump over 10 kinds of costly profess
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In the data that has gotten, nearly 9 is become (89.6 % ) participating in inquirer to think “ doctor ” is absolutely is a “ the profession of older costlier ” , it is antique appraisal division next (81.19 % ) , auditor, accountant, cashier and teacher are about the same, it is 64.9 % . Besides, lawyer (76.13 % ) , scientific research worker (62.38 % ) , essence of life calculates division (56.69 % ) , skilled worker (54.04 % ) , advisory adviser (48.61 % ) , building stylist (48.12 % ) before also be being had the honor to win 10 “ year endowment it is a treasure ” profession.

Invest which, come substantially as professional investment. Good profession resembles praedial investment, meet only appreciation, very few devalue. Be engaged in what profession ability be not being washed out by age “ after all ” , is drier Qian Yue much?

Actually, “ often jumps over the profession of “ antique ” of costly ” more, attribute experience sex trade mostly, want to be able to go successfully without shortcut, also be “ often is not afraid of unemployed ” more more, and won't pass 35 years old like average company employee gradually downhill. Shanghai watchs general government to seek advice from a company to carry out trustee to rebuke dagger thinks, findings is had representative, the profession of golden rice bowl that covered current and of all kinds “ basically to often jump over costly ” more, and trends of these occupational firewood fulfil are in will have inside period of time henceforth too upheaval.


Treat a disease + health care most make money

Rank profession of “ doctor ” , its income level is envied by people place all the time. What the doctor is engaged in is the profession of high-tech and high risk, the talent fosters cycle to also be more than other industry, accordingly, do doctor nature to do costlier more. General feeling

Besides below, advocate the lunar income that treats a doctor fluctuates in 2000 yuan; After “ boils ” to be chairman doctor, income also rises 3500 to 4000 yuan between, individual tall year endowment doctor of director of famous professor stage can achieve 6000 yuan.

Of course, if you wait not as good as so slowly “ boils ” , OK also “ quickens ” . If privately run the hospital can make public recruit commonly,doctor of young key member regards education as the object, be sent likely still take advanced courses abroad. In addition, foreign capital hospital sets commonly, the doctor needs to offer the proposal of nutrient health care of daily sex for the patient, accordingly, if master sanitarian nutrition knowledge, perhaps can organic meeting enters foreign capital hospital to get high pay. And from the point of long-term development, no matter be which kind of hospital, hold doctor of course of study has sanitarian nutrition knowledge is development trend, because of modern special attention ego health care.
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