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Xiamen Job seekers will be able to vote via mobile phone Resume
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In the future, job seekers can easily access through mobile phones in a timely manner Xiamen latest personnel jobs online, or even directly by phone to complete the registration resume management of your resume. Herald reporter learned yesterday, Xiamen Talent Service Center, launched Pocket Talent Network ( 3 G version. In the future, handheld information Talent Network Talent Network will be fully synchronized with Xiamen, Xiamen talent network can be realized with the PC version of the docking and interconnection. According to reports, 3G version of Pocket Talent Network, is now open "employment, recruitment, training, file, proxy, quizzes, search, download, information exchange," 10 services. In the future, job seekers can Qingwo mobile phone, easily send your resume. That is newly registered individual members log in, enter the handheld talent network's "Import upload resume" section, you can upload "doc. / docx. / tex. / xls. / xlsx. / pdf." Resume format. Uploaded resume will be automatically generated default format Xiamen resume talent network, individual members can only make some modifications to the employer delivery. CV has been filled in for individual members, can also be logged on the phone to modify the original resume. In addition, HR (human resources) for future mobile phone can also be touch Career. It is reported fully upgraded 3G version of Pocket Talent Network, HR Just enter the user name and password, you can easily browse the phone candidates resume, manage and distribute a new Job, use the online platform for personnel agency, check service center of Talent the business and enter the Download Center to download the required forms and other functions. As a result, corporate recruiters, even if the business did not bring the computer can also be operated remotely via mobile phone.
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