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Interview skills interview slightly more than the benefits of base is not Kang
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No job interview submissive, arrogance more No, neither overbearing nor how to master the "degree" of it? Interview skills for many job seekers who do not understand, this is really hard. If you always require job applicants to emphasize individual dignity, and instill job to "reasonable manner" concept, I am afraid that qualify as "fraught with" suspicion, especially now when the job especially difficult, if not the market or a shortage of top talent to refrain from Listen to "reasonable manner" proposal, fix, neither overbearing nor exactly what your people think the "offended a plus." According to the author many years of experience and understanding of the interview, I think that good practice was "not a little humbled Kang" and even "a humble Kang is not "is also not a bad idea. Two years ago, there was a college girl who had just come to work for a year apply for a secretarial position. The interview was drawing to an end, both sides are very happy about. The addition of a question I asked: "Now for you to find a Work is not very easy, or that you really need this job? "It is common sense that if she answered" yes ", everything will be done. However, the girl could in order to reflect her reasonable manner, then replied," I can not see Have. "This sentence, so that while the presence of the employer's personnel manager hired her immediately to dispel the idea, because" the people are more proud. "Ruined a good word jobs, after the girl said he was After Regret but to no avail. Recommends that all job seekers in mind, today's job market, after all, supply exceeds demand, typical of the "buyer" market, the employment situation is grim, why not go astray a little, not to the enigmatic "reasonable manner" and lost opportunities . In order to find a good job, as long as does not involve human dignity, "humble" that a lot?
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