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The cost that 3 areas ginseng keeps a worker to nod orgnaization go to a doctor
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After 3 areas bring into city class to plan as a whole, ginseng protect a worker to be able to be in as a whole any medical establishment deciding a dot inside limits and go to a doctor of the drugstore that decide a dot buy drug. In the 4 areas inside city the hospital that decide a dot is mixed the 3 divisions that run close an account directly by management center of insurance of city medical treatment nod hospital hospitalization surely. By city medical treatment insurance management center is in charge of affirming with settle accounts; In 3 areas be in hospital of the other hospital that decide a dot, and the be in hospital of emergency call observation that 3 areas ginseng protects worker happening, charge that owes the make a report after the event after expending filling capture, each area medical service protects agency orgnaization to be in charge of affirming with settle accounts.

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