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Company name: Platform of business affairs of electron of E free home

Position category: Other job property: Motor-driven

Issue date: 2008-9-7 date of expiration: Long-term and effective

Firewood fulfil pay: 3000 works area: Abroad

Position requirement:
1 : Online condition – holds two or more posts concurrently / full-time all but (in the home and other places of medium, office, Internet bar)
2: Can have 1 on average everyday - 2 hours of online time can (specific time is mastered by you oneself)
3: The base that has network application (the forum on the meeting posts child, hair email, communicate with client QQ etc)

Suit a crowd→Undergraduate: Have stronger the urge for improvement, but barrier at obtain employment form, competitive pressure, the person that seeking the way that do poineering work.
Suit a crowd→Office white-collar: Secure profit every months, pay suffers be restricted, but do not satisfy at the current situation again, the hope crosses the person that go up to live more happily.
Suit a crowd→Net bug: Beautiful many time chats, fill water, play game, do not feel too wasteful? Should take fraction time from which only can.
Suit a crowd→Other public figure: Think after come off sentry duty again obtain employment person, or unused faineant person, do not miss business chance!
Contact means:
Contact: Mr Li
Connect a telephone call: 13876779911
Mailbox address:

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