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Compose of strategy of executive talent strong cit
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2, innovation talent breeds a mechanism, executive quality promotes a project, build harmony " Yo just " new environment. Innovation of the city austral glue grooms mechanism, widen hard talent resource channel, regard the fundamental sex of strategy of executive talent strong city as the project. Establish " big education, big groom " idea, conformity is taught with all possible means groom resource, arouse the enthusiasm that whole society shares. It is to choose the cadre that expedites each 1000 or so administrative levels every year to wait to Party school of the municipal Party committee austral glue and Shanghai, Suzhou develop the area grooms centrally, in the meantime, explore the way that grooms outside the condition actively. Combine a cadre actual, exploration carried out cadre position " AB horn " system, promoted in-service cadre quality already, exercised mothball cadre again. 2 it is to be carried out energetically " Jin La is gotten " education project, put forward to groom with 3 years intermediate above mechanic 3000 target. Current, student of school of technology of this city of all kinds profession amounts to 46 thousand person, laid in large quantities of professional skill talents for the development south glue.

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