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Compose of strategy of executive talent strong cit
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Compose builds socialistic harmony society is an arduous and great task. A of harmonious society main feature is red-blooded, the vigor that should allow all labor, knowledge, skill, management and capital bursts forth eagerly, arouse the creation vitality of people. Be in 16 when fulfil a party 6 in plenary meeting " decision " spirit, compose builds socialistic harmony in social upsurge, the municipal Party committee austral glue, municipal government is firm establishing talent resource is " the first resource " idea, establish " strategy of executive talent strong city, encourage essence compose builds harmonious glue south " new thinking, in order to achieve mechanism of policy of new talented person, compose builds agglomeration talent platform, build harmony " make gift " new environment; Innovation talent breeds a mechanism, executive quality promotes a project, build harmony " Yo just " new environment; Innovation talent serves a mechanism, extend poineering space of a secretary in charge of sth, build harmony " with ability " new environment is breach, build harmonious glue for compose south, south civilized glue, used never-failing power source is provided south glue of rich and popular.

One, mechanism of innovation talent policy, compose builds agglomeration talent platform, build harmony " fetching " new environment. Talent policy is developed, it is contemporary talent's successful fundamental approach. In recent years, in talent contention intense with each passing day situation falls, establishment of the city austral glue " talent competition ability is core competition ability " , " talent resource is the first resource " , " talent strategy is the oldest strategy " 3 new concepts, gain a person with ability competition is active, carry fast talent to introduce " green passageway " , came on stage early or late " the city austral glue introduces outstanding talent of short duration to set all right " , " the city austral glue hires expert choosing to hire management especially temporary measure " , " professional technology of the city austral glue is excellent the talent runs way " , " the city austral glue ' . Of talent policy come on stage, build case draw professional of high-level talent, focusing, reserve the 3 big platform of mothball talent. It is led preexistence Qingdao environs 2002 held water in 5 city " society of senior expert of the city austral glue " , first flexible invited include " leader of adviser of academician, doctoral student, course " inside scholar of 8 domestic and international famous experts serves as the expert is hired especially south glue. Build an expert scholar to participate in decision-making mechanism with this compose, promoted decision-making science gender, before look up sex. 2 it is to hold to garden area development and talent development to pay equal attention to, capital attraction and action just are brought wisdom synchronous principle, induct of all kinds professional, for economy rapid development offers a talent to prop up. 3 it is successive enter the throughout the country 4 years " 211 " the famous college of the project is chosen moved outstanding college graduate 479. Compose builds the cadre person with ability with an adequate measure " storage facility for reserve purpose " , the quality content that promoted cadre talent the team, knowledge content and skill content.
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