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Group of the section austral city attends a provin
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Introduce strength to increase a person with ability further, offer a talent to ensure for region economy progress better, a few days ago, service center of bureau of human affairs of the region austral city, talent communication forms a delegation went to Jinan to attend " communication of talent of the 4th global high end of Chinese · Shandong and technical project negotiate meeting " , direct with talent of global high end " face-to-face " communication, this second " sea be in harmony is met " attracted talent of many 200 global high end to attend, hundreds of units attend a meeting " loot " talent.



This " sea be in harmony is met " got an area appoint the height of district government takes seriously, be in charge of by center of bureau of region human affairs, talent specific prepare, hold special meeting for many times, this " sea be in harmony is met " concerned circumstance communicates relevant unit, and the information of invite applications for a job each unit is timely collect, belt to " sea be in harmony is met " undertake conduct propaganda and invite applications for a job, obtained favorable result, the construction that publicized my area at the same time develops a case, and the good policy environment of capital attraction, successful finished ginseng



Postpone the job.



Negotiate this the success of the meeting is participated in, how will use global intellective natural resources to the service is built at the economy of my area and optimize development environment further better henceforth to the area austral city, attract morely study abroad personnel comes my area does poineering work etc provided good experience.



(Bureau of human affairs of the region austral city)

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