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Active compose builds all directions division form
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In recent years, all directions area is a target with improving officeholder ability quality, take the kind that crisscross of fluctuation across, freely, inside and outside blends, active compose builds officeholder to establish form of characters or letters to groom mode, ground of all-around, much channel begins officeholder to groom the job, obtained favorable result.
   Executive brand strategy, exert oneself undertakes wisdom of be in harmony grooms. All directions division develops around area, face whole area to be in class and above cadre, made " all directions develops forum -- leader cadre is told every months " groom brand, decide a special subject every months, solve a problem, specific aim ground invites the expert learned man with province famous inside and outside, ranking concerned leader and the technical qualified personnel that pursue specific business to serve as schoolteaching teacher, exert oneself raises lecture level. On this foundation, combine the different subject of forum, attend limits to enlarge partial section office accordingly cadre of level of long, family and choose tone to be born. Still made at the same time " foster economic management cadre about executing " the adviser takes educational system " temporary measure " , appoint to a position is in class above leader to hold the position of an adviser, young cadre regards class of certain part deputy part, family level as student, both sides is signed cover " belt learn " content, target, measure, deadline and the agreement that assess a method. Need according to the job, force of society of have the aid of, detail is fine cadre composition grooms class, go to famous college to attend economic management grooms and of all kinds grind long class.
   Break through post class limitation, exert oneself undertakes vocational training. All directions area is acted on " what be short of to fill what, want what standard what " principle, execute " menu type grooms " , exert oneself makes study group. When the organization grooms, need according to the job, break post class limitation, select the business key member of relevant unit, comprise vocational training class, take the education kind of interactive type, the explain before giving lessons grooms purpose, let student taking problem visit a class, in the teacher revulsive inspire below, utmost ground develops subjective activity, anew discovery, new understanding, new perspective sets out go pondering over a problem, give the experience that forms to some problem and understanding contribution groom collective, consensus is reached on argumentative foundation, and groom achievement brings back an unit, radiation arrives all business personnel. On the foundation that still grooms in constituent individual event at the same time, adopt what teaching plan type and quick style photograph are united in wedlock to groom means, organized family level cadre " basic ability quality " training in rotation. Organize vocational training through much channel, make the professional ability quality of whole area official got huge promotes.
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