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City north area attends Shandong to save " sea be
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On November 17, save governmental organization to hold by ministry of national occurrences in human life and Shandong " communication of talent of the 4th global high end of Chinese Shandong and technical project negotiate meeting " hold ceremoniously in Jinan. The 10 more than person of 5 branches and unit follows city north division Qingdao city delegacy attended this big grand meeting.
City north area attends this " sea be in harmony is met " , with capital attraction, introduce a project to attach most importance to a dot. In by a definite date two days " sea be in harmony is met " in, city north area in order to exhibit a shop sign, extend propagandist data, negotiate face-to-face wait for a form, business of move of industry of originality of group of trade of hill of area of new and high to city north area, the street of science and technology, business affairs central, float, culture undertook recommending conduct propaganda. Joined meeting personnel and overseas entrepreneur and student studying abroad to undertake communicating extensively negotiating, introduce the poineering environment of city north area to them, hope they come to city boreal area does poineering work, development. Pass the contact with abroad personnel, the entrepreneur outside 11 come from the sea such as Switzerland, United States, Japan, Germany respectively and student studying abroad and city north area reached the cooperative intent of farther delibrate, established close connection pattern, laid good foundation for the collaboration henceforth.

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