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City north area develops activity of travel of nor
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To make social all circles understands city north better, publicize city north, the economy that supports city north grows. On October 11, organization of bureau of human affairs of city north region was begun " activity of travel of north of city of key representative unit " , this is development of city north area carry out " talent strong area " the strategy, strengthen the communication of region economy and cooperation, the significant move that stimulative economy grows.
In last few years, city north area closely the target around construction characteristic the city zone, accelerate development of economy of the city zone, advance construction of major project project quickly, obtained remarkable result. Base of new industry of bay of administrative division of rubber of city north area is approved to be by the country again this year " north of Qingdao city town is new and high technical development " , at the same time city north high new developed area and street of science and technology are approved to be by Qingdao city " Qingdao city studies abroad personnel poineering base " , already declared " postdoctoral workstation " . The approval of these projects holds water to expand to my area open to the outside world, liven economy, the investment climate that builds advantageous economy development extended a space. Bureau of human affairs of city north region organizes this activity to act on the real need that admits from region economy and society to set out, closely around recommend the action business, communication that strengthens region economy and collaboration this one theme, encourage and attract big company to come to city boreal poineering development, through be opposite introduction of major project circumstance, poineering environment shows the region, make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot wait for a form, develop region economy the program, the entrepreneur that before favourable policy appears one by one, investment makes an on-the-spot investigation people, for region economy implementation information each other is connected, do well project butt joint, strengthen communication and cooperation further, helped the bond of a close connection.
Pass this " activity of travel of north of city of key representative unit " , vast enterprise is right city north area in recent years rapid development and taking remarkable success represented high recognition, at the same time many enterprises return as new and high as city north area to be in charge of appoint do built connection will, express to will introduce company of more big companies, new and high technology to invest development to city north area, expand further city north economy.

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