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All directions area army turn the cadre grooms the
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Came 13 days on October 10, 2006, all directions area ran 2006 year army turn the cadre grooms class. Whole groom in the process, 75 student that join model can cherish time, serious listen to a talk, ask self-consciously to had been caught according to each fulfil, overcame well groom the contradiction that task of close, study weighs time, make groom the job is able to begin smoothly, finished study job of the regulation satisfactorily.
It is to lead height to take seriously, constituent management reachs the designated position. Area appoint, district government height takes seriously army turn the cadre grooms the job, undertook technically study deploy. Area appoint bureau of human affairs of constituent ministry, region brews repeatedly, adjust for many times, science was installed groom course. All directions technical secondary school presses the case with muscularity, serious task to fall in education, adjust electric classroom technically come out to turn with Yu Jun the cadre grooms. Area appoint vice secretary Comrade Sun Haisheng is visited groom the class was done term begins arouse, offerred ardent hope; Area appoint minister of ministry of members of standing committee, organization Comrade Niu Luping is grooming be opposite in summary how to get used to a place more quickly to finished part changeover the job, smoothly to raise specific requirement. From groom the class will tell, established a class technically appoint, differentiated 5 groom group, appointed monitor and group chief, monitor and each group grow to be able to be in charge of seriously, cogent the duty that walks on him be merciful, ensure groom the class is able to run in order.
2 it is curricular setting science, education content is rich. In the light of army turn particular case of the cadre, carry out " learn to use band, by need to apply religion, pay attention to actual effect " principle, theory of affection of area of outstanding all directions, politics, lawfully administration and officeholder manage relevant knowledge, installed meticulously groom course. Hold to the guiding principle of integration of theory with practice in education process, take a variety of education means and step, give priority to with case education, pay attention to the specific aim of education, come to professional theory explain with a large number of example, deepen understanding thereby, make the student that join model can understand deeply; Use multimedia teacher and student, deepen the intuitionistic sex of attend a lecture, increase the study interest of student; At the same time according to strike a proper balance between work and rest, the principle of teaching benefits teachers as well as students, arranged study communication appropriately, rose effectively to groom working quality.
3 it is schoolteaching level taller, groom effect is apparent. The discretion of pedagogic schoolteaching level affects the enthusiasm of student learning directly. In grooming, waited for straight office of the college that be stationed in blueness and district to invite relevant expert, professor and leader to undertake schoolteaching from Party school of Qingdao university, municipal Party committee respectively, they are the expert that is engaged in education and management, scholar and leaders, have solid academic strength, often thorough society basic level has investigation and study, have rich teaching experience and practice experience, ensured higher schoolteaching level, the participation that raised student is mixed enthusiasticly study interest, acquired art of new administrative method, leader and working skill, widened further eye shot, active thinking, increased experience.
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