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Level of service of government of innovation of all directions area consults ins
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Recently, register level of management to raise an institution further, provide a service for institution and social all circles better, the current situation that combinative institution registers and administration execute the law working requirement, all directions area manages from careful canal proceed with, to the institution the archives that register undertook comprehensive ground is arranged, compose built efficient, convenient, normative management to serve a system, offer external consult “ put forward one minute to allow ” to serve a standard when the service.
No matter consult,alleged “ allows ” one minute is person which is of need year, which kinds of where share data that register, the staff member can be found out inside 1 minute, the person that huge went to the lavatory to consult, improved work efficiency. The institution of my area registers the job to begin from 1997, passed Shandong to save an institution to register, legal person of unit of estate of Shandong save trouble is registered and the whole nation's unified institution legal person registers 3 level, and the legal person of a lot of units was changed for many times, formed a lot of material that register, these data are real account finishs sth the metabolic circumstance of estate unit, but browse rise to be bothered quite. The bureau of all directions area that register consulted much archives government regulation, those who tie the record that register is actual and execute the law working requirement, undertook classified to registering material, had number to each material, make up recorded catalog of 3 course material and electric subdirectory, put forward “ one minute to allow ” to serve catchword, in make sure the institution registers archives management while standardization, system is changed, insist to manage with planning as a whole subtly with the service, support manages promotion to serve ability subtly, make management and service level from the quantity accumulate what implementation pledges to fly across.

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