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The area austral city offers top-ranking talent to serve for software industry d
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To fulfil the area austral city appoint district government admits about accelerating software industry, advance the strategic deploy that area of software Information Industry builds, area talent center insists to develop view and talent concept scientificly, software talent introduce, of education and incentive mechanism build as working key, optimize structure of software talent team ceaselessly, build bring ability, Yo ability, with the ability, talent assemble that accepts gift big environment, the development that is Information Industry of the software inside area and rise offer strong person with ability to assure to support with strong intelligence.
Center of talent of the area austral city undertook trying to find out the real intention in the round investigating to the resource of company person with ability inside software park area, made person with ability of stimulative software industry develop countermeasure, be in hard of software talent introduce, education and incentive mechanism respect make great efforts: It is the mechanism construction that strengthens software talent to introduce, build the platform that software talent resource configures, promote the software inside area quickly the talent's gross, optimize talent structure to configure. Perfect policy of form a complete set, consider to make the court that has appeal more just be brought wisdom measure. The 2 software economy that are construction high quality run team and team of talent of software research and development, establish the education mechanism of software talent. Make and carry out software talent to develop plan. 3 it is mechanism of aggrandizement allocation drive, the person with ability that builds diversity rewards a system. Build reward for unit of oriented, choose and employ persons with governmental award for force of main body, society award is additional diversity talent rewards a system. Pass the innovation of talent drive mechanism, broom affects the mechanism sex barrier of software talent enthusiasm, stimulate the vigor of software talent and creativity.
Center of talent of the area austral city still made the specific work target that provides talent service for software industry: According to the development need of industry of the software inside area, carry out software talent team to build the strategy energetically, try hard through 5 years, make talent amount has software to grow substantially, structure of software talent team is ceaseless and perfect, quality of whole of software talent team rises in the round, make construction of the area austral city Shandong peninsula city group center of software talent assemble.

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