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Accelerate talent market to develop, build upland of the talent austral city
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Establish the channel of effective to give talent and business communication, talent of the area austral city communicates a service center to link the development demand of area characteristic economy cheek by jowl, overcome the difficulty with narrow field, adopt “ to borrow a boat to go to sea, borrow a kind that does meeting ” , hold the talent communication of formal diversity to meet, build the talent on the net actively to communicate platform, build talent storage facility for reserve purpose, attract of all kinds talent to expand a service for region economy. The talent austral city holds obtain employment of graduate of the college that be stationed in blueness to negotiate for many times early or late talent of meeting, software negotiates communication of meeting and talent of all previous and marine division is met, still organize unit of choose and employ persons to attend the invite applications for a job that market of city qualified personnel holds to meet additionally, publish newspaper help wanted and digital TV help wanted for unit of choose and employ persons, constituent business introduces outstanding talent to nonlocal invite applications for a job, through acting action era is hired, recommend freely wait for means, offer comprehensive and efficient talent to serve for enterprise and talent. Formed the system of invite applications for a job of ” of quaternity of “ of the spot invite applications for a job, invite applications for a job on the net, newspaper invite applications for a job, digital TV invite applications for a job stage by stage. Come 3 years, accumulative total has more than 2000 enterprise or business market of the talent on meeting, net had the talent invite applications for a job that unit and more than 30000 of all kinds talent pass our open to apply for a job of invite applications for a job. Correcting extend was passed twice after whole town took the lead in building talent website 1999, use the most advanced information processing technology and search engine, built the swift passage that to apply for a job registers, simplified to register formalities, undertook effective classification to talent database, raised unit of choose and employ persons to inquire the efficiency of talent information. The website develops way around region economy closely, built software talent to serve a special administrative area, started software talent to lay in a project at the same time, through building IT talent warehouse, begin the talented person on the net obtain employment of talent of representative of ways of the world of company of communication, software, software is directive wait for significant step, those who drive software talent resource optimize configuration. The set out that it is hurried extends circular economy and environmental protection system, the website still started “ green talent to lay in project ” , train the talented person that circular economy and place of environmental protection economy want, build managing model talent team, for construction managing model the society offers a talent to ensure, maintain region economy to last, healthy, harmonious development.
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