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City north area is right army turn before the cadre has post, groom
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Bureau of human affairs of city north region and city north area appoint constituent ministry, area appoint Party school was held on October 13 at coming on October 9 2006 army turn the cadre grooms class, turn to the 76 name army this year before the cadre had post, groom, finished satisfactorily this year army turn groom plan. Example ganger wants Bencipei the characteristic has:
It is an area appoint, district government height takes seriously, ensure army turn the cadre has groomed. The important directive with my nice about wanting to groom cadre of military be transferred to civilian work according to superior this year area, the key was strengthened groom attune of constituent leader chime, made technically accord with army turn the education plan of cadre characteristic. The area attended opening celebration and ceremony of complete a course respectively about the leader, make to student arouse, raised specific requirement, listened to opinion proposal.
2 it is scientific and reasonable arrangement course, effort is contented army turn the cadre's demand. Groom the class offerred 8 course, army turn the cadre knew feeling of city north area already, still learned economy of region of north of officeholder law, city to develop program, archives mainly official and expression of writing, language, formal, be in office communication of lecture of ability construction, confidential law, human relation and psychology are debugged wait for content, two old outstanding army turn the cadre still experiences the experience that works to getting used to a place as soon as possible with oneself, made advise sb or explain sth by using one's own experience as an example. Groom the study that paid attention to academic knowledge already, strengthened again army turn the cadre's psychology is debugged, make army turn the cadre is faster, better get used to local job. Groom when the end, 5 name army turn cadre delegate made communication speech, good turn should turn after they state “ be transferred to civilian work works to the place consistently, have good situation, for the construction of city north area development makes positive contribution. ”
3 it is to change past “ engrafts type ” grooms for “ interactive type ” grooms, improved education quality. Example is Bencipei guide army turn the cadre spends psychology to debug at an early date period, used interactive teaching method in great quantities, groom invited my area outstanding army turn the cadre introduced local work experience, solved the doubt after the be transferred to civilian work of student in the spot; Groom still went up for the problem with the ” of be transferred to civilian work of “ heart a vivid psychology debugs a class, army turn cadre each other are interactive communication, from inner pick up collective and attributive feeling, eliminated the psychological hesitation after be transferred to civilian work to feel, to the place suits as soon as possible after be transferred to civilian work the job laid a foundation.
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