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City north area is begun " study abroad north of poineering personnel city goes
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On September 16, study abroad in city stand to support energetically, city north section knitted “ to study abroad activity of ” of travel of north of poineering personnel city, this is development of city north area strategy of ” of strong area of executive “ talent, attract abroad study abroad personnel comes city boreal area does poineering work, accelerate the significant move that economy grows.
Street of high new developed area of city north area, science and technology is approved to be Qingdao city to study abroad this year personnel poineering base, area of the north that it is city expands open to the outside world, liven economy, the investment climate that builds advantageous economy development extended a space. Bureau of human affairs of city north region is good to do bring Zhi Yincai to work, the economy that lets more abroad homecoming students understand north of city of city north, propagandist city north, support grows, study abroad in city of the station assist energetically below, the organization engineered “ to study abroad activity of ” of travel of north of poineering personnel city.
This second activity acts on the real need that admits from region economy and society to set out, closely around recommend action trade this one theme, with encourage and be being attracted abroad study abroad personnel comes city boreal poineering development attachs most importance to a dot, with administrative levels fact of new, effect is tall, technology characteristic, through major project circumstance introduction, poineering environment explains, make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot wait for a form, foreground of region economy, future, investment favourable policy appears to study abroad one by one poineering personnel, for abroad study abroad the Jin Qiao that talent and project demand unit wear a science and technology and an economic tie.
Through studying abroad this north of poineering personnel city goes activity, already had many studying abroad high new developed area of the person that homecoming does poineering work and city north is in charge of appoint do built connection will, express to will introduce more abroad students to come to city north area outspread their poineering ideal. City north high new developed area also expresses to will be those who come round to do poineering work to study abroad personnel offers more favourable poineering condition, especially more specialization, the poineering service of systematization, welcome sincerely to have maturity, of the project with high content of science and technology and considerable market prospect study abroad personnel comes round to do poineering work.

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