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The area austral city holds first " the software park, Microsoft China " peak of
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Recently, first “ software park- - peak of high level of company of software of Microsoft China ” can be south city software industry base is held successfully. The area austral city basically is led, bai Shangjie of vice president of division of Microsoft big China, world-famous wind delivers fund of China of capital of fund Chinese larch Xie Na of high investment manager, president of China number assistant solves Yun Hang, and company of more than 100 software, halt blueness is efficient the high-level leader that waits for relevant unit attends this second peak to meet. Bai Shangjie of vice president of division of Microsoft big China did a title to be the theme of the software innovation ” of “ number age to make a speech. The peak can be released aim to promote medium and small businesses competition ability, the medium and small businesses that provides more excellent service for the enterprise grows plan. Through be being participated in government, transnational corporation, enterprise, college with all possible means, from the service establishment, capital gives aid to, the respect such as education of technical service, talent, provide all-around service for software company. The conference still released Microsoft China to plan in what money undertook cooperative deep with the software park in year 2007, company of our city software will get technology of top Microsoft expert class supports. This peak of software company high level is met, will enhance cohesive affinity of company of our city software and core competition ability further, form industry and talent to collect effect, for science and technology of promotion of our city company own innovation ability builds good industrial atmosphere.

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