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Personnel policies classified as "housing policy" Metaphor
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Hangzhou issued a special room personnel, outstanding contributions to the people, all kinds of high-level leaders and teachers who can enjoy half-price to buy a house. (November 18, "Beijing News") Since it is a talent】 【readers, of course, should be able to get more competitive market compensation. If even the talent they have to "housing allowance", "half price to buy a house" in order to round housing dream, not on those who have enough qualified personnel, the On the meager salary, no housing policy to benefit the people, how should I do? In fact, when any level of talent preferential policies introduced, prices have become almost around the threshold, however, from "Ma who" make room leading to " Professional and technical personnel "who, when the personnel policy were all attributed to housing policy, indeed from the other side of the exposed current prices for all sectors of the enormous pressure.
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