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Wu of boat of international of Qingdao power dragon limited company
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Position name Working function The age Record of formal schooling Experience Number
Advanced sailor (shipping drives turbine management) senior management is not restricted technical secondary school 2 years of above 12

Manager of shipping company business is senior management is not restricted three-year institution of higher learning 1 year of above 3

Company brief introduction: Advocate battalion: Shipping management, sailor management, shipping is supplied, the business; such as bulk cargo, chartering
Hold battalion concurrently: Product of chemical industry of wholesale, sale, hardware, mechanical equipment; Culture art communication, information seeks advice from a service, the conference and exhibition are revealed. Dimensions of business information company: 50 people are the following
Company property: Privately owned / civilian battalion
What belong to an industry: Traffic / carry / content flows
Firm network address: Http://

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