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Qingdao clean god interlinks an enterprise
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Number of experience of record of formal schooling of age of function of position title work
Management of sale of sale chief inspector is not restricted 3 years above 1

Company brief introduction: Headquarters of company of chain of Qingdao clean god is located at appropriate in relief road 78, be advocate the diversity of battalion catharsis and meal, omnibus large company.

Limited company of clean god catharsis founds 1991, the catharsis that skin of the catharsis darning that is engaged in clothings technically, fur clothing provides maintains the business such as the catharsis that reachs guesthouse hotel things. Already expanded 39 chain now inn, large and integrated wash clothes the chain of factory and institute of technology of a catharsis is changed, the factory is changed, modern professional catharsis corporation. “ is efficient and mouldproof sterilization of ” of the scour that eliminate bacterium, “ is energy-saving wash clothes the invention achievement such as methodological ” , already won national patent. Before clothings is washed, use medical facilities of sterilization of annulus oxygen ethane undertakes sterilization is handled, fill international washs clothes the blank of sterilization technology. Have Germany now Kainijisha the catharsis of a complete set of irons the country such as product line of very hot equipment and United States, Italy is famous the equipment of set form a complete set of the brand, those who become home to implement scale quite is large and integrated wash clothes factory.

Washed in base oneself upon 1999 acquire line of business while begin to develop to meal course of study, already had travel of business of a market, meal, recreation, fitness now the SamSung class concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals at an organic whole old hotel and the restaurant that are fixed position 4 times with domestic banquet. Old hotel is one of first meal companies that join ” of project of food of sunshine of “ Qingdao city. In August 2004, old hotel first honorary title that wins “ Shandong to save ” of unit of wholesome food class A, already passed quality of safety of HACCP international food to manage systematic attestation.

Come 15 years, catharsis of the astral ” that the enterprise gains luster of ” of unit of sincere letter of ” of date of civilization of countrywide “ youth, “ , “ early or late, “ the honorary title such as ” of civilized unit of ” of 10 beautiful enterprise and Qingdao city “ ; Clean god brand was saved by Shandong 2004 industrial and commercial bureau is judged save famous label ” for “ Shandong.

Clean god makes the life better! Clean god the working style with “ solidarity, deal with concrete matters relating to work, rigorous, efficient ” , provide more high grade product and perfect service for consumer, realize the great conception of ” of “ world famous brand hard. Dimensions of business information company: 100-200 person
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