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Lai mattress is chemical (Qingdao) limited company
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Number of experience of record of formal schooling of age of function of position title work
Maintenance benchwork is other do not be restricted high school 3 years of above 1

Company brief introduction: Sincere head of Lai of chemistry of the mattress that hire Lai limited company is the company of German chemical industry that has had hundred years history, for the wholy-owned subsidiary of group of German Lang Cheng. Lai mattress is chemical (Qingdao) limited company invests the joint ventures that establish in Qingdao for its, basically manufacture the additive with industrial balata; Additive of lube of Lai mattress chemistry (Qingdao) the exclusive and solely invested company that limited company creates in China for its, production has the lube additive of world advanced level. Because business grows need, we invite sincerely you join in. Accord with the person that what narrate a condition, ask resume of will medium, English (be sure to make clear connection phone) , Id / the photocopy of the relevant certificate such as graduation card, send our company address inside a week according to a piece nearly. Dimensions of business information company: 50 people are the following
Company property: Privately owned / civilian battalion
What belong to an industry: Oil / chemical industry / mineral products

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