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Roc content sheds peak of Qingdao course of study limited company
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Number of experience of record of formal schooling of age of function of position title work
Content of content shedding manager flows / storage is not restricted 3 years above

Company brief introduction: - - the summit summit of course of study, the annals of roc
Roc content sheds peak of Qingdao course of study a when limited company makes was registered 2005 pursue carrying trade of freight of home, international technically the content of Wu sheds service company. Company in order to held water 1999, ministry of service of rapid movement of fast An Da is the Qingdao that offers domestic railroad to lap the door is carried to the door core, extend scope of business, refine work flow, develop company culture, establish company spirit, the —— of a brand that made rapid movement, content meticulously spread a trade fast An Da, english abbreviate S.S.A.
The company carries a respect to having what should mature to run mode and market experience in railroad, change with high-quality goods, the objective that personalized carriage service pursues for us. Through effort of a few years, company not only next solid clients make in Qingdao area group foundation (for example: Serve Er of sea of Yu Qing island now department of 7 housekeeping trade, and below the pine, emperor yuan, the company of many large group such as numerous force) , and still be in the whole nation 200 beyond therein the city is a foundation through railroad station, built oneself network, offer convenient door to shed a service to door service and all-around content for the client.
Dimensions of business information company: 50-100 person
Company property: Privately owned / civilian battalion
What belong to an industry: Traffic / carry / content flows
Firm network address: Http://

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