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China makes the same score security risk company
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Number of experience of record of formal schooling of age of function of position title work
Three-year institution of higher learning of 23-35 of manager assistant insurance is not restricted 1

Company brief introduction: China is sure in safety (group) Inc. (restful ” of China of “ of the following abbreviation) be China is core the first times with insurance, annuity of negotiable securities of be in harmony, fiducial, bank, asset management, enterprise multivariate alloy be in harmony serves the close together, efficient, multivariate put together that financial business is an organic whole group. The company held water 1988, headquarters is located in Shenzhen. Mixed in June 2004 March 2007, the company combines bourse in Hong Kong early or late advocate board reach Shanghai stock exchange to appear on the market, restful ” of China of share tag “ , code of share of exchange of Hong Kong combination is 2318; Code of stock of Shanghai stock exchange is 601318.
The company accuses establish China restful life-insurance Inc. (” of life of “ restful person) , Inc. of insurance of Chinese restful property (“ produces danger ” in safety) , management of Inc. of restful endowment insurance, restful asset is finite liability company, restful healthy insurance Inc. , accuse a China restful insurance is abroad (accuse) limited company, restful fiducial investment is limited liability company (“ is restful and fiducial ” ) , Shenzhen is restful bank. Restful and fiducial accuse a restful negotiable securities lawfully finite liability company, restful and abroad accuse a China to be sure in safety lawfully (Hong Kong) limited company, reach Chinese restful asset to manage (Hong Kong) limited company.
Up to on June 30, 2008, according to criterion of report of international finance affairs (IFRS) , group total assets is a RMB 6, eighty-eight billion seven hundred and seventy-three million yuan, amount of rights and interests is a RMB eighty-seven billion nine hundred and twenty-eight million yuan. Press Chinese accounting standard, group total assets is a RMB 6, forty-three billion six hundred and six million yuan, shareholder rights and interests is a RMB eighty billion nine hundred and fifty-five million yuan.
In July 2008, " fortune " 500 strong ” pop chart of “ world are announced, china is restful with 2007 the business income of 18 billion dollar, enter the whole world first 500 strong, list the 462nd, become selected the China of sheet of this a list of names posted up is not state-owned company the first.
In April 2008, " Forbes " the whole world appears on the market company 2000 strong (Forbes Global 2000) pop chart is announced, china enters the whole world again in safety 500 strong, relatively ongoing 2007 147 banquet rank 293; In the Chinese enterprise of the 151 a list of names posted up on the home, rank the 9th, continue to hold a title be not state-owned company the first. In the meantime, be in England " financial times " announce 2008 global market prise pop chart of 500 strong companies (FT Global 500) , china is in global enterprise in safety the 140th is occupied in the rank, in the whole world insurance industry is ranked the 4th.
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