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Do " find new job horse " or " Wen Shui frog "
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On talent market, have normally " Jin Sanyin 4 " , " Jin Jiuyin 10 " view, age two season climate is delightful, can much concentration is in all sorts of large invite applications for a job to be held right now. Many duty field personages express, "Jin Jiuyin 10 " it is a kind of idea only, because that is the phase that the to apply for a job after the undergraduate graduates centers quite, and after the Spring Festival " Jin Sanyin 4 " just be the season with talent most active market.

Find new job, be never antiquated term. The body is on-the-job, doing the horse that finds new job only often is not meddlesome, and long-term animal farm at a circle, do warm water frog to also be not good fortune. Shortly will come " Jin Sanyin 4 " season, should we go to wh which direction?

   Beginning of spring finds new job the right season or time

Why duty field person is fond of 3, found new job April? Invite applications for a job of center of Hubei manpower resource is in Shu Xin to think, leave after year, a lot of people already were taken end of the year award, in do not have a package economically. Well-known, before the Spring Festival although everybody still guard work station, but the job of a lot of materiality stopped, plus come home at annual meeting or in advance, a lot of companies work in the invite applications for a job before the section opposite slow down. Come back to adjust position even after the section, enter working status to be afraid should arrive by Feburary, this works with respect to the invite applications for a job that delayed 3 two months, consequently enterprise interior can have more position to have invite applications for a job, what spring talent flows is hot no wonder also.

Meanwhile, each strategy that big company passed the end of the year is adjusted, be sure to a few post are adjusted, the person that this also is to apply for a job created more obtain employment opportunities.

   3 kinds of people are become find new job brunt 

Find new job to basically be centered at 35 years old of the following crowds. Future seeks advice from expert Zou Williams to say without care profession, "Pay " reach " the future develops " it is the problem that the person that find new job cares most. Generally speaking, yicheng of 3 kinds of people finds new job brunt.

Duty field new personality, the person find new job that works 1 year basically is the undergraduate of firm job. Below obtain employment and economic pressure, a lot of students are forced to choose first obtain employment again choose course of study, dry job may be to paper a mouth only. Accordingly, their meeting edge does the work of at hand, bian Zhuo is being ground find new job, they value firewood fulfil not only, also take a fancy to a profession to whether have development perspective.

Duty field dab. This kind of person that find new job is professional development encounters bottleneck more, feel business cannot be broken through further for example, get the create difficulties for sb of boss, or the meaning generation bewilderment that is pair of job itself, want method additional seek one's fortune. To them, certain duty field experience can make his on-the-job on choice of course of study more hasten reason, the element such as fulfil of firewood of cosmopolitan integrated consideration, position, foreground, seek the duty field fixed position that fits oneself most.
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