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Find new job can bring what loss to you
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A lot of people to can win high pay or for further progress, constant regular meeting thinks of to find new job above all, of course the jumping-off place of this kind of idea is good admittedly, but a lot of to apply for a job person the risk that exists possibly to finding new job is done not have too care about, but add with each passing day as causes because of finding new job litigation case much hind, the risk that people exists possibly to finding new job had height to take seriously; To do not let find new job oneself bring a trouble, the risk that the author listed a few kinds find new job to be brought possibly designedly here, consult in order to offer everybody.

1, bedraggled the major that oneself learn

The basis investigates statistic, modern changes the time of working station and cycle shorten greatly, a lot of people change post 2 years, especially those young to apply for a job person every half an year may be about to change post. Although the society needs those to have the talented person of compound function and general function at present, the healthy progress that does not cross socioeconomy still basically has the professional of quite high level to prop up by those. Everybody mights as well put those well-known companies on the world on eye, these enterprises can invent a newest product that wins patent ceaselessly, this and the professional that these enterprises have a lot of all sorts of tall, essence, tips are concerned. From the word in light of this respect, those young to apply for a job person should base oneself upon studies professional technique assiduously at his major, be not enchanted by small profit of temporary small as the head of a fly eye; Cooperate as global economy especially of degree rise further, the world will form the unified market that an each areas produce respective advantage and has club of mutual division of labor, big and small and complete, whole region economy situation will be broken thoroughly, between the area cooperation of division of labor, the tall, essence to all trades and professions, will pointed professional generates many demand; So the author suggests those have annals young person, should make an extended professional program and plan to oneself, suffer the effect of outside mistake information in order to avoid, and change and the life development way that affect oneself. Our to apply for a job person the actual strength that should believe oneself and ability, believing oneself want only is a talent, no matter be in what post or where to work, can produce oneself effect sooner or later, reach him career peak thereby; If everybody does not set his mind at to work in the sureness on him post, try hard to study, so oneself professional technology is very inaccessible certain state, once find new job if, not only bedraggled the professional knowledge that learns before oneself, and even beautiful time goes studying new professional knowledge, but lack certain base as a result of the study of new major, learn very difficult progress, should not say what to can obtain accomplish more.
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