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Find new job how to choose optimal opportune moment correctly
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Find new job, turning is not to say to jump all right, say to turn, need has made all sorts of preparation before this. Preparation is sufficient, succeed easily, prepare to try luck namely not quite, in case did not bump good, waste time not only, still can delay a profession to develop plan. In addition, find new job, turn to still need to choose appropriate time all right, it is you likewise, same preparation, find new job time is different, results also will have very big difference. So, how to choose appropriate time to find new job, turn go?

The choice of general trends time:

1, the opportune moment that chooses general trends advent

If do not have special situation, annual duty field has prices twice to start, one is spring 2 to April, be Spring Festival around at this moment, a few go up year of job begin to take off in succession as the perhaps prepares to get promotion through finding new job person of meaning, preparation has in a new year good " firewood affection " , another namely 8 to October, in the this year's graduates the impel of main forces of vast and mighty to apply for a job falls, personage of field of a few duty also drifts with the tide, make duty field forms a spring tide, to find new job, turn to create good opportunity all right. Can go up in all sorts of invite applications for a job that prepare for graduate, in can a lot of companies take the chance to choose high talent.

2, the initial stage that option prices starts

If earlier take off is started in prices, the opportunity is more than a risk, and still can sufficient time understands new company, new position, new boss, in case after finding new job not satisfying, still the opportunity chooses again, if be in prices evening, duty field has entered end gradually from in full swing, dynamic, become weak to become cold, this moment takes off, although look position is not little still, but the position choice scope that suits oneself is very little, and do not fall after ten thousand one take off, so the risk will be more than an opportunity. Room of the choice when farewell head is very little already. So, mixed in Feburary began in August or suit quite.   

3, the opportune moment that chooses him profession target to rising

When professional target is rising, him choice finds new job or turn row, will bring favorable opportunity for him promotion. For instance this year August, manpower resource one branch alone beautiful, invite applications for a job is fervent, if your position target is manpower resource, so, the opportunity of promotion came, also a lot of people coach advisorily in the profession below, turned to become manpower resource all right (HR) , or find new job promotion manages for manpower resource (resource of HRM) , manpower is developed (HRD) . And software engineer just is beginning right now however fatigued and weak, position demand keeps balance, and position is supplied drop, if you not be in the secret, blind thinks software engineer is popular commodities, prices fiery, can find new job at any time, that can be in passive situation.    
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