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It the white-collar goes against city to find new job how to jump over jump is g
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As a result of stagnant economy, intense competition, the incident can be found everywhere that enterprise benefit drops to close down even, produce great effect to the professional career of professional person from this, be the await one's doom, victim that becomes storm below one round? Hit out actively still, does shift work solve professional crisis with changing? Right " find new job " for the contemporary profession person that does not have psychogenic disorder already, can choose latter mostly. Find new job successfully, can turn the existing crisis of the person that see an occupation not only, make the good turning point that its profession grows possibly still.

"But succeed ' find new job ' , with respect to the project that succeeds as be being finished, often need careful decision, elaborate scheme, caution to carry out. " the Wang Xiang that pursues project management job for years is right " times of finance and economics " the reporter says.

Careful decision

Leaving is the efficient way that resolves existing crisis, but if processing is undeserved, new issue often also can following sb's heels and come. So professional personage is deciding " find new job " before, why should decide oneself want to change the job after all above all? What job to change? Want a look before you leap.

"Through with a few ' find new job ' person chat, and find new job to them the analysis of the circumstance, I think to a few errors are worth everybody to notice. " Beijing general Er rub look forward to runs advisory limited company Guo Penggong says adviser of resource of high labor power.

The first error is blind pessimism. Some people serve as a standard with the labour of others, think oneself job always has a lot of as the place of meaning, then try every means looks for a profession that accords with this standard for oneself, this standard may be social estate of material benefits of income, housing, opportunity going abroad, government, the harm of this kind of psychology is one-sided emphasize one-sided element and ignore other and important facet.

The 2nd error is personal loyalty act. A few sudden incident often make a decision " find new job " fuse, if did not win the promotion of expectation, produce conflict with colleague, superior, be misunderstood to wait. In fact, what what they pay close attention to is not the new unit that will join, want to cast off current working environment as soon as possible however, ignore pays price right-down.

The 3rd error is angle heat. When a few people find new job, admit only follow a popular industry, ignore oneself interest and professional context however, the result often causes failure, the loss outweights the gain. Actually, give Number One Scholar all right all right, although whole looks,work differently have all sorts of distinction such as requirement of income, social class, work, but to everybody, the most important is the job should suit him.

The 4th error is indecisive. The person that holds this kind of mentality is very interested in new job on one hand, fear to abandon original work can bringing too big loss again on the other hand, so be swayed by considerations of gain and loss, become unusually sensitive to having an environment, a few little change can bring about psychological unbalance, as a result is obtrusive act, final mistake the decision that makes changeover work.
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