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Undergraduate to apply for a job lacks ego understanding
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A few days ago, invite applications for a job of first graduate special performance after edifice of Nanjing city qualified personnel ran a red-letter day is met, the spot offerred post of nearly 1000 obtain employment, attracted more than 1000 graduate to enter the arena. Spot reporter sees, practice is seasoned and start work the graduate with strong capability, still can be servantchoosed a person for a job the favour of the unit. And graduate oneself place exists a variety of " common fault " also expose gradually, unit of choose and employ persons reminds graduate, when preparation moves toward duty field, must have clearing state of mind.

"Those who what do do you know to client service government is? " " I feel even if the client gave what issue, be coordinated to him next. " " what is your specialty? " " specialty, I feel what I am like to like, but special adept respect seems to also be done not have. " the Xiaozhang that this is institute of artillerist of the Chinese People's Liberation Army replies in the spot when electric equipment of interview Su Ning. This also is Su Ning electric equipment is right in interview to apply for a job person two queries, reporter discovery, it is not difficult to although these two problems look,be like, but to apply for a job person of talk in generalities be in the majority, when asking about specialty especially, nearly 6 become to apply for a job person not can very speak out explicitly.

The personnel of an invite applications for a job of Su Ning electric equipment says, a few this year's crude shortage are right now the understanding of oneself, also not be clear that oneself suit what to do, what is the target that oneself will come to, blindness is shown when apply for a job.

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