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Take the lead finds new job after 4 action aid a section
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2008 had come. Do not be content with the current situation, the professional person that seek recruits made a plan early, according to CHR Ke Rui the data of center of survey of group of professional adviser cause shows, the professional person of nearly 80 % has the plan that takes the advantage of season of 34 months of gold to find new job, also made preparation early. Seek punctual opportunity, make a plan early, had made adequate preparation, so that find new job successfully, open new phase to obtain new development, what adviser of profession of CHR Ke Rui needs to remind professional person is, below the circumstance of buyer's market, during gold to apply for a job, also face intense competition necessarily, so adequate preparation is become must. New round obtain employment mad tide is about to pull open. Face the concussion that come unexpectedly do you do good cleave through the waves, unplug took a prepared preparation?

  Hinted at 4 o'clock

The first, when preparation finds new job, the development prospect that must see clear company itself how. Of the company that it includes to go to wanting already make an on-the-spot investigation to include it and the contrast that you are in company and other company to undertake now again. Because of the professional foreground of the development foreground of the company is adumbrative your oneself. Because it can matter to a company to be able to offer your development directly,platform has how old dozen small, whether groom to what you make phasing answer plan, promote a profession competition ability, whether give you rich and generous pay and other material benefits.

The 2nd, it is to should look in new company your individual develops a space how. Find new job cannot put eye in much higher salary only when new company above, more important is the development space that whether you have yourself. Interest is returned while whether can the position of new company let your do a job with skill and ease full; Whether does the company culture of new company suit you, develop a concept whether with your conform to. Because be in a company,the premise that the job develops is the atmosphere that blends in a company, agree with his culture, support his concept, it is it next the post that offers you is the benefit further progress at you. Hardship is in be enmeshed in the culture that does not agree with, the job cannot is painful on the position of foot of sufficient extend fist.

The 3rd, see individual profession develop way how, above all the most essential is the professional career program that should have his, undertake to oneself reasonable profession locates. The professional temperament that judges oneself and professional ability whether fit new position, be about after the program is good forward the target is indefatigable hard; It is to be when choice profession next, must combine oneself condition, experience of the professional strong point that the analysis understands him, knowledge, work and psychology get used to ability, and not by oneself temporarily be fond of make a decision actuationly, blind " chase after tall " . If cannot be judged correctly, even if have high pay to your beck, you also are a within sight but beyond reach.
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